um, yes, that is my cat. why?

So today I thought Lilu’s fans might like an update. She took the move a lot better than we’d expected, aside from the hellish semi-drugged drive up here. People told us to keep her indoors for varying lengths of time after the move so she wouldn’t try to go back to Germany. How long we should have done that turned out to be a cow’s opinion, because the movers were in and out, and then Alke found the leak in our kitchen ceiling so then the sellers and their real estate agent and our real estate agent and the plumber and the tiler and the ceiling guy and the insurance people were in and out so the door was open for days, and she could have left anytime she wanted to.

But she didn’t. So she’s still here, as affectionate as ever, but perhaps a bit more sedentary than she was in Germany because she’s gotten fat. Watching her struggle through the cat flap is pretty entertaining. Today, though. Huh.

Today she seems to have gotten into a tiff with a neighbor cat we call mini-Lilu, because he has her markings but is about half her new valu-pak size. I heard hissing and a crash, saw him streak away over the fence, and then Lilu came barrelling in with her tail all fat and her cat flap around her waist. She’d busted it clean out of the door.

So I had to go to the hardware store to buy longer screws, and then re-install the cat flap, and that’s why I didn’t have my homework done for today’s Dutch lesson.

No, really.

Song du jour of the day: Put a Lid On It, by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.


5 responses to “um, yes, that is my cat. why?

  • amy

    “Her new valu-pak size.” HA!

    And I miss Friends. Sigh. A cow’s opinion in Dutchland.

  • Alison

    I had to laugh at the image of the cat with the cat flap stuck around her waist. We laugh at one of our cats squeezing through the flap, although I think some of her trouble is that she’s not as tall as the Dutch cats that lived here before us. She has a bit of trouble getting the back legs up once her front half has squeezed through. đŸ˜‰

    • alala

      Yes, Lilu had that problem too, at first – her back legs would wave helplessly in the air once her front half was through. Once we’d gotten tired of pointing and laughing I acquired a little step for her ( = I stole a tangerine box from a neighbor’s garbage), and now she has an easier time of it.

  • InvaderStu

    At least the cat flap was not jammed. My old house mate’s cat once ran at speed at the cat flap and the thing just jammed. She practically bounced off it.

  • Nate

    I’m late to this one, but I’m shocked that nobody got that Lilu had to open up a can on mini-Lilu because the runt was teasing her about the cat-door around her waist. makes me wonder what a cat ‘fat joke’ would sound like. probably something about cheezburgers.

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