And elephants!

We have a new dentist, thanks to the Sniglet’s jaw infection! Okay, boo on the jaw infection, that sucked, but we really did need to find a dentist, and now we have, so at least one good thing came of it.

It’s a chain, called Ivory & Ivory, with elephant heads (metal, or photographed, not real) on the walls, and something I have always felt would improve any dental practice immensely: TVs in the ceiling. Srsly, anything that helps me pretend I’m not at the dentist is a Good Thing.

Also, it’s huge, it’s like McDentists, so when I wanted to make a routine checkup appointment, the receptionist was all, “tomorrow? or is wednesday better?” Our German dentist was good, but when we wanted checkups they’d be scheduled four months ahead, which would give me two months to dread the visit, and then I’d forget all about it.

So okay, it’s still the dentist, and I’m a huge dentophobe, so it’s not all good. But it’s a little good. The only major drawback is the inevitable song virus. <= song du jour of the day. Click at your own risk.

P.S. The Sniglet's infection is all gone. Yay.

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