on Lent

Even if you’re not Catholic, I do think the idea of Lent is pretty sound. We have a sort of bad-habit-creep, where we have dessert as an occasional treat, and “occasional” gradually becomes “daily,” and I find myself grabbing a bag of potato chips every other shopping trip, and making sure to keep chocolate in the house at all times. And my jeans get too tight, and I get out of breath climbing stairs, and generally feel bleah.

So it’s a good idea to take 40 days to really think about the things you’ve come to believe you need. I also like the timing, coming into spring: as you’re quitting smoking, or exercising more, or eating less junk food and more vegetables, the days are getting longer and warmer and you feel better.

That’s the theory, anyway.

(Image ganked from Five Full Plates.)

Song du jour of the day: Knockin on Heaven’s Door, by Bob Dylan.


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