oh, God, not another one…

Debra Medina, like Sarah Palin only frumpy. Well, not quite like Sarah Palin, because apparently she is educated, and yet she still thinks people would be better off without government. Without 911, without public schools, paved streets, traffic laws, money, public sanitation, or anything but private property and guns, which she calls the two rights essential to freedom. Not the first things the word “freedom” brings to my mind, but whatever. Oh, and she wants the Texas National Guard to line the border and keep out Mexicans. One, that would be relying on a government institution, and two, would that include her Mexican-American husband?

Dear Texas: Secede. Really. Do it. Stop accepting Uncle Sam’s money, send all those federal contracts elsewhere, shut down every public service your sales tax can’t afford. Take your trigger-happy dumbshit paranoid rednecks, go live your government-free fantasy, and raise the collective IQ of the rest of the U.S. You’d be doing us all a favor.

Song du jour of the day: Just Go Away, by Blondie.


5 responses to “oh, God, not another one…

  • amy

    When I was in high school I participated in Close-Up–the program that sends high school students to DC for a week to learn more about the govt–and we were in a group with some high schools from the Houston area. That’s when I first heard the Texas secession argument, from a Texan boy who believed in it wholeheartedly and felt the US would be nowhere without Texas, and Texas would be a world leader on its own. And now, you know what I think? If they had seceded back then, we never would have had to have W as President. He would have been busy being the King of Texas. Shame it didn’t work out that way.

  • Melanie

    Can they take Quebec with them? Whiners.

  • red

    Let Texas become its own Country, and while we’re at it, Alaska too. I say it’s never too late for the South to secede. The Blue States and the Left Coast will finally be tax neutral, or positive, since the south only brings in an average of $0.79 for each Federal tax dollar received. Then, guard the border.

  • Library Lady

    Every time I hear them talk this way I want to say “here’s your big ugly 10 gallon hat, what’s your hurry?”

    Betcha the first thing they’d do if they seceded would be to apply for foreign aid from the US. Kind of like the guy who kills his parents, then throws himself on the court’s mercy because he’s an orphan (!)

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