there are better ways to gather information

Found out today that the public library charges late fees! €1.20, 15 cents each for eight books – they were only a day late, so I don’t know if it’s 15 cents per book per day, or what. I should probably find out, but I’m thinking that the empirical method is not the way to go, this time. Maybe I should just ask someone.

Song du jour of the day: We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About, by Jimmy Buffett


4 responses to “there are better ways to gather information

  • Melanie

    Good God, we are the people are parents warned us about.

  • Breigh

    Yeah pretty sure it’s per book per day. A while back I used to go to the library a lot and take books out. Here in Rotterdam you can renew books online and I had some books while I was on holiday. I went online to renew the books and it wouldn’t let me!! Ended up paying like 40 euro in late fees and then stopped going to the library and learned to download Ebook torrents and convert them to read on an e-reader on my phone.

    • alala

      Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask how you do that… along with about a thousand other things…

      Returning books the the library is no problem for us, it’s like a block away. Our schedule was just thrown off a bit by the school vacation. Everything’ll go back to normal tomorrow, yay.

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