…and stuff

We are in publish-crunch mode, wherein DrBob’s book must be to the publisher by the end of this week and so I am profreading it (again), a task for which I need ABSOLUTE SILENCE and also for my family to be at least five miles away or preferably in another country – oh wait, we’re in the Netherlands, so it’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Unfortunately they are right here. Because it is the weekend, and will continue to be the weekend for the rest of the month, because this is Crocus Vacation. Later there will be Tulip Vacation. Isn’t that cute? Am I digressing? Yes.

SO in the many many moments when someone is in the room with me, talking or playing video games or watching Star Wars, and I have been unable to work, I have been updating my blogroll, see how much nicer it looks now? Next I shall try to update the Now Reading section, because I don’t remember exactly when I read Alatriste, but I know we still lived in Germany then.

And that will help me avoid writing about Life in General, which includes news about garbage, my stellar children, a snoring cat, grouchy movie reviews, political thoughts that were no longer current three weeks ago, and ponderings about learning Dutch, employability, and (gulp) grad school.

Avoidance. It’s a way of life.

Song du jour of the day: And She Was, by the Talking Heads.

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