Daily Archives: 25 January 2010

the visible weekend

See, last weekend was an invisible weekend – during the week I’d clawed my way through Dutch class and homework and mama-duties and I had this work for my freelance job that really needed to get done but I didn’t have a spare minute, so I just put it off until the weekend and then spent the whole of those days nose-down in the computer and when I looked up, it was Monday already, and I had no idea where the weekend had gone.

But then I finished my Dutch class, took my exams and got my certificate (yay!) and even though this past weekend there was more job-work to do, this time it actually got DONE. And I had time left over to do some ironing and sort of start thinking about what it might be like to get caught up on the laundry, and even sit down and READ part of an actual BOOK, and this past weekend was so much more… weekendy.

And this morning I felt so much better about it being Monday.

Song du jour of the day: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, by Bachman Turner Overdrive.