reality, slightly improved. So far. Maybe.

I have concluded that that first week back was an anomaly – not that anything really unusual happened, just that it was about three months of normal life compressed into one week. This week will be better. Because I SAID SO.

Um, let’s see. The pain in my knee disappeared. No idea where it went, disinclined to ask too many questions. The cold ran its usual course, and I am mostly sniffle-free now, whew.

The Sniglet was positively heroic about being jabbed with a needle, and now he’s all vaccinated up and we don’t have to do anything more unless we decide to go to Bangladesh or something.

Then we had a couple minutes at home before we had to meet DrBob at the bike shop. Found a bike for Snig, and a bike for me! Because DrBob figured I’ll need a new one at some point, and we were already there so let’s just get it done. It’s purple and gold, hee, and I’m sure I will love it once I can actually ride it, but yes, the ground is still icy and snowy enough to make cycling perilous – the Dutch do it, but me, I know my limitations, thank you very much – so I also made time to get us all stocked up on bus passes. I also got paper schedules and a map and figured out the bus routes we all need by myself, since their route-planner website is just stupid.

I finally got Ig to the doc on thursday morning, turns out the neurodermitis (aka eczema) was complicated by a bacterial infection, so she prescribed three different kinds of cream to apply twice a day EACH – fortunately, his ADHD seems to have diminished somewhat now that everyone in his class has it, and he’s remembering to do it himself. This is a good thing, because you know I don’t have the brain-space for that right now.

I can’t actually remember anything that happened friday, which is a sign that I need to blog more often. But on saturday DrBob and I went to Ikea. Because all the pots and pans had been sitting on our living room floor since we sacrificed their drawers to make space for a dishwasher, so we needed something furniture-y in the kitchen for them. We also bought a buffet made of real actual wood, instead of particle board and white laminate! Ooo, grown-up furniture!

Saturday was also the day the car started flashing a danger-light, and sunday was the day DrBob spilled whiskey in his laptop, so added to the bikes and the traveling over Christmas and the new dishwasher and all, 2010 has been our most expensive year ever, so far. We hope this trend will not continue.

Aaaand between writing the bit about how this week will be better and now, I checked my email, and my job has dumped a big ol’ load of work on my lap. Also, the final exams (yeah, examS) for my Dutch class are next week. So clearly, I need to Say So with more authority. Meanwhile, gtg!

Song du jour of the day: The Big Bang Theory Theme Song, by the Barenaked Ladies.

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