Daily Archives: 2 January 2010

this is what happens…

…when you let men into your kitchen.

(a tragedy in two acts)

Our wonderful friend Nigel came to visit for a week in December, and that was very fun and also a nice break for me because he took on the task of washing the dishes while he was here (we still don’t have a dishwasher). Which was so very helpful and wonderful that I considered asking him to stay permanently, but, tragically, he also has other friends. He may also have said something about a family…

Okay, okay, I’m KIDDING! Anyway, he couldn’t stay. But before he left, I made something for dinner that involved my imported-from-America-because-Europeans-Just-Don’t-Get-It cast-iron skillet. I should have washed it before I went to bed, I know that, I don’t know why I didn’t, but yeah. I didn’t.

So Nigel did. He was very careful not to use the scratchy-plastic side of the sponge (um. It is cast-iron. You could scrub it with a pitchfork, and it wouldn’t mind.), but he sure got all that nasty grease out (there should be an eye-rolling emoticon).

And then DrBob came in and said uh-oh, oh dear, no! You have to oil it! Because, some five years ago now, he’d seen me season the pan (coat it with vegetable oil, inside and out, put it in a hot oven for awhile) and somehow he remembered that you should leave a puddle of some kind of oil in the pan (it looks like he used olive oil…), and set it on the stove for… however long. What he didn’t remember? Was to turn off the stove. I found it when I got up at seven the next morning, the tiniest of blue flames under my beloved skillet. And inside?

Well, the center was completely dry and devoid of any evidence that it had ever held moisture of any kind – a bit like the planet Mercury – and around the outer edge was… um… hm. I think DrBob may have invented a new adhesive. Perhaps we should contact NASA.

Does anybody know how to salvage this? Actually, I’m not sure it’s even worth a try, since it’s really too small for a family of four, especially one that contains a 15-year-old and is thus, for feeding purposes, a family of six.

Song du jour of the day: Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Happy 2010!

We’re back! Okay, the drive down to Jagenau was hideous – we left on a Sunday to beat the truck traffic and instead of trucks we had snow THE WHOLE WAY DOWN. I swear, that snowstorm followed us. We saw snowplows out and about, but they were probably just out picking up doughnuts or something, because they sureazell weren’t plowing snow. And there were some trucks anyway, and tour buses driven by raving lunatics, and there we were, crawling along at 30kph because the windshield-wiper-fluid spout was blocked and we couldn’t wash the scunge off the windshield and visibility was like two feet arrrgh. So our 800-km trip, which should have taken 7-8 hours (with pee-stops) took 14. Yeah, you read that right. FOURT. TEEN.

Yeah, not fun.

So we didn’t have to come home until Sunday, but we figured it’s a holiday, so no trucks, it’s Hangover-Day, so probably no tourbus-driving lunatics, and besides, it might snow again, ack, and we want to get as far as we can before that happens.

We made it. DrBob set the car’s stopwatch (didja hear that? Our car has a stopwatch!) and it took us 6 hours, 20 minutes to drive home. DrBob said “I kinda feel like we deserved that, after the trip down.”

So do I. Whew.

Happy New Year, y’all. Hope everyone’s safe and warm.