Daily Archives: 31 December 2009

a hole in the internet

Jagenau has one. Apparently cel phone reception is also not good, just in this village. My brother-in-law has very splendidly loaned us his laptop for the duration of our stay; it picks up the signal from his router, if we are in the kitchen, but the signal doesn’t reach all the way to our bedroom, directly beneath the kitchen. Also the signal is not very reliable. So I check Facebook and email in the kitchen, but blogging is risky – also difficult to concentrate when you’re in as busy a place as a kitchen.

So now that I have this brief bit of time, what do I want to say? The trip down was horrible. Oma and Opa are as warm and affectionate (and discipline-averse) as ever, seeing people has been fab, and Barcelona probably doesn’t seem like paradise in December to the locals, but to us, fleeing drippy-cold Bavaria, it was heavenly. Returning to drippy-cold Bavaria was less heavenly, since I brought some kind of stomach virus back with me. Fortunately (!) the worst of it happened in the Barcelona airport, so I didn’t have to spend the whole flight in the airplane bathroom – I hear that such things are frowned-upon, nowadays – but I am fighting deep fatigue.

I think we are planning to drive back up to Utrecht on New Year’s Day. To beat the traffic, hopefully to beat the weather, and also to do all the work we’d both planned to get done over the holidays, before we found out about the hole in the internet.

Song du jour of the day: New Year’s Day, by U2.