travel stress

Wow, Christmas is stressful, something I mention pretty much every year on this blog. Packing for a trip is also stressful. Packing for a Christmas trip is turning out to be crazy-making, particularly since the trip to Barcelona is contained within this trip to Jagenau, to visit the in-laws, who only speak one language, a language I am fast forgetting. Also Jagenau is a frozen hell right now, Barcelona is not, and (1 husband + 2 children) x (however many in-laws I have + 2 godfathers) = no way have I managed to come up with presents from everyone for everyone. I think my brain is melting.

I don’t think we’ll have internet access on this trip. You guys have NO. IDEA. how much I will miss you.

Guitar, by Peter Nalitch

3 responses to “travel stress

  • Melanie

    You’ll miss us less once you’re safely ensconced in Barcelona-fun-vacation-sangria drinking. Take care and Merry Christmas, babe. Love you.

  • red

    Travel tip: Scarves. Buy a stack. look beautiful, fit everybody. Deal with it on return. Stress free.

  • Isabella

    Merry Christmas & I wish you a safe & fun trip! Albeit stressful to travel & I can completely relate, but I hope the travel will be all very rewarding with the sunshine you will be greeted by :-) Thanks for your comments on my blog, by the way. I’ve been far, far too busy for the last few months to blog as often & keep up with the blogs that I love to read, but I hope 2010 will bring me some extra time in my schedule each week! Again, happy holidays!

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