So our friend Nigel came to visit from England for a week, which was fab, he gets along with everybody in the family (not something you can say about most of our friends) and we don’t get to see him nearly enough. And he came straight from working like a dog in London, so he was happy to sleep late and go for long walks alone, and was thus a very low-maintenance guest, but I already don’t have enough hours in my day, so even less of my homework and job got done while he was here. Which means it piled up. And now I’m squished under this pile of stuff I should have done last week, with the stuff I need to do this week sitting on top of it, and I don’t know where to start, but I sure as hell shouldn’t start with blogging. That’s not starting, that’s stalling.

It was really nice to see Nigel again, though.

Song du jour of the day: Que Bonita Luna, by Juan Luis Guerra, Ruben Blades & Robi Draco. h/t Tacki.

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