Daily Archives: 5 December 2009

Sniglet’s progress report

So yes, I talked to the Sniglet’s teacher on Thursday; it was the “first report” and the little booklet has spaces for four reports, so I conclude that there will be more. And there was nothing negative to report, he is doing average to great in every subject, which is a good thing. We talked about his frequent headaches, and agreed that a psychologist would be able to help more than a doctor, though of course as with most such problems, the doctor is where you start. Sigh.

Also, when I first spoke to the school director, I had the distinct impression that kids transfer to their regular school over Christmas break, or over summer break, and since the school is kind of far from our house, we rather hoped it would be sooner, i.e. now-ish. And his teacher said he was doing really well, so we thought maybe…? She seemed quite surprised, and said oh no, if he does really, really well, he might be able to transfer over the summer break, but it’s much more likely that he’ll be at this school until next Christmas. So that was a bit of a disappointment, but she did say that the schools in our neighborhood are pretty academically rigorous,* and also that they have waiting lists, so maybe it’s good that we have a year. And I guess I’d better start visiting schools soonish… Oh good, another thing to do.

* compared to schools in other neighborhoods, not compared to German schools. German (well, Bavarian) schools are much more demanding academically, and our kids are ahead of their agemates in most subjects. Once upon a time I would have said that academic rigor is the most important thing. But now that I’ve seen what can happen when a school doesn’t concern itself with the social development of the children in its care, I think we’re better off here.

Song du jour of the day: The Colour of Snow, by Polarkreis 18.