Tuesday the kids stayed home sick. Wednesday I called Ignatz in sick for another day because he wasn’t quite better enough, then I took the Sniglet to school and realized that it was my turn to be sick! So I fell into bed the minute I got home. I got up once to fetch him from school, then tanked again. Today, I took him to school, went to my Dutch class, zooped home to supervise the plumber installing a new bathroom sink (pictures when I get my act together, no really), zooped off to fetch the Sniglet, had a 1-hour parent-teacher chat, brought him home, made spaghetti sauce and lasagna, and am now realizing that actually? I wasn’t really better enough to do all that. And Pakjesavond is Saturday, and we have people visiting on Saturday, and besides, the mall will be wall-to-wall people so it really does all have to get done tomorrow, doesn’t it? Sinterklaas is visiting the Sniglet’s school, parents are invited to observe until 10 and then we have to pick them up at noon, which is why I have to skip Dutch class tomorrow, so that leaves me two hours to get presents for the kids and then Ig and I have to get a gift for DrBob, and Snig and I have to get a gift for DrBob, and nothing has been wrapped yet and oh God I don’t even want to think about it all, commence drooling into keyboard… now.

Song du jour of the day: I’m Only Sleeping, by the Beatles.


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