what have wii become…

So the kids and I went to the mall and bought a Wii today. The Playstation seems to be mainly driving games (boring) and shooting games (verboten), and the Wii ads seemed to show that there were a few more possibilities there – not least the opportunity to play together, and turn this into more of a family thing and less of a kids-fighting-on-the-couch thing. So we’re trying that. It came with Wii Sports, and so far I have learned that I’m better at bowling than I thought, and worse at baseball, and that there really is no way in hell to get me to appreciate boxing.

Meanwhile, Ignatz is at a Christmas party organized by his school. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Except I won’t, because, you know – he’s 14. He’ll say it was fine and that’ll be it. Oh well. It is very tempting to grab a do-over on my horrible, horrible teenage years by living vicariously through my son, but in fact he is right to resist that.

Song du jour of the day: The Gnu Song, by John Lithgow. Can’t find it on YouTube, but it makes me laugh.

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