three minutes to midnight

And I just remembered I haven’t blogged today! Because my computer is in the bedroom, and the bedroom was occupied for a large part of the day by Sick DrBob. Poor guy. Well okay no, I’ve warned him for ages that this would happen, he’s running himself ragged etc, and of course he didn’t listen, so my sympathy is mixed with a hefty dose of aggravation because, you know, he’s not the only one who suffers when he’s sick, I’m worrying and making chicken soup and emptying buckets of barf at 4 in the morning (oh, yes) and then catching up on my sleep during the day and it’s lucky my Dutch class was canceled because the teacher is also sick but you know, I really could have used that extra time to study instead of napping to make up for the three pre-dawn hours I spent wide awake and jittering and waiting for him to fill another bucket for me so really, the consequences of his unfortunate choice caught me as well.

Ah, marriage.

Song du jour of the day: I want to use “For Life“, which was Poland’s Eurovision entry um, last year? Or the year before, maybe, sung by a blonde from Seattle, but it’s a horrible song, and I do try to use music I actually like for this. On the other hand, it is a happy-wedding song with a title that sounds like a bad prison sentence, and that makes me laugh, and it’s not the worst Polish entry by a looooong stretch. So I’ll just cite it without linking it, and the more masochistic among you can go look it up if you really want to.

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