Daily Archives: 26 November 2009

I’m just going to enjoy this while it lasts.

Parent evening at Ignatz’s school. Usually a depressing nightmare, and it started off pretty badly – his school has two branches, and we went to the wrong one, didn’t have a map handy, found the other one by sheer dumb luck, and were only about 15 minutes late. But we got there! We were only allowed to choose three teachers to speak to, so we chose Latin, History and Dutch.

And, um, they all said really nice things. He had some trouble at first, which they completely understood because he was in a difficult situation (wow, you guys sure aren’t Bavarian teachers!) and now it seems to be easier, he’s participating in class and getting along with other kids and learning Dutch faster than they expected. Mr History mentioned that this particular class is exceptionally… “busy” is the word he used, I think he was trying to say “hyperactive” and still be polite. But he thinks this is actually a good thing for Ig, and I must say, it is for me – I’m really glad my kid no longer draws attention by being the twitchiest.

So that’s good news. Surprisingly good. So good, I feel like I may have wandered into a sort of parallel universe. If I have, I feel real sorry for the other alala. But I’m not trading back, not without a fight.

Song du jour of the day: Man, when was the last time I got new music? Ages, it’s been. Bones. By the Killers.