Smiling through the gritted teeth, not so much, lately

Sez Amy:

I should probably just figure out a way to be pleasant while in crisis mode.

Actually, when we were closing the deal on the house and it started raining in the kitchen, everybody – the plumber, the real estate agents, the insurance guys, the sellers – they all remarked on how cheerful I managed to stay during what was undoubtedly a setback (euphemism, much?). But that only lasted a week or so. We’re in month 3 of Overworked Husband mode now, and I just… my fake-smile muscles are wearing out.

It’s probably also partly SAD, only not SAD, because I’m not disordered. Is there a SAGB, Seasonal Affective General Bitchiness? That’s what I’ve got.

Song du jour of the day: I Hate Myself for Loving You, by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Apropos of nothing, I just already used The Bitch is Back this year.


One response to “Smiling through the gritted teeth, not so much, lately

  • amy

    I can manage for the short-term too. It’s when things drag on and on that it starts to get hard. I’ve also noticed that I often do Just! Great! for all but the last day or so of Husband travel. It’s like I can hold it together when I know there’s absolutely no help coming, but as soon as I know I’m almost due some relief, I start to crumble. The fact that I’ve noticed this has yet, so far, to transfer into me doing something about it. Baby steps.

    It is very, very hard when the relief is so far into the future though. Wish I could help. And I’ve also been feeling kind of flat lately. There is something about a grey November sky that kills something in my soul.

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