a geekmama’s dilemma

Another fab thing about living in the Netherlands is that I can FINALLY watch sitcoms after eight years in the TV wilderness. The kids and I have gotten fond of Malcolm in the Middle, though it’s after the Sniglet’s bedtime, so I have to, um… tape?… it for him. It’s some tapeless feature of our TV-box, is this what Americans mean by TiVo, maybe?

Anyway. That leaves only weekends for me and Ignatz to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer together, because that’s too scary for the Sniglet (probably). I need something Snig can watch with us, and it’s past time to start trying to turn him into a Trekkie. Also, before Buffy, Ig and I watched all of Star Trek: Enterprise, and then we went to see the most recent Star Trek movie, so chronologically speaking, we should be watching the original series next. And therein lies my dilemma.

Ebay has the three original seasons, in the cheezy plastic boxes in bright primary colors. But there is also the recently remastered version, more easily (and probably cheaply) available. But… remastered? Spiffed up sets and enhanced digital effects may be all well and good, but they couldn’t really remaster the acting. And I’m not sure, but I think perhaps William. Shatner’s. Acting. kind of needs the cardboard sets and shake-that-flashlight special effects to go with it, you know?

Hm. Anybody seen the new spiffy version yet? What do you think?

Song du jour of the day: Knights of the Round Table, by Monty Python.


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