Daily Archives: 8 November 2009

first soccer game…

… in Utrecht! Not the last, we hope. DrBob bought tickets for the Sniglet’s 9th birthday, and today we went to see FC Utrecht (ranked 5th) beat SC Heerenveen (ranked 15th), but, um, they didn’t.

I mean, the game was the closest home-game to the Sniglet’s birthday (I think), so that was a factor, but we also specifically chose a game where our team had a decent chance at winning, because we thought it would be more fun if our team won, for once. For once!

But no.

Well, they did manage to zoop from 0-3 up to 2-3 in the last ten minutes of the game, so that was exciting. And the guys behind us were hilarious – they kept yelling things like “Run, Forrest!” and “TIMMEH!” and singing, and shouting advice to the players, which, since we were in Row 2, I’m pretty sure the players could hear. And the stadium is good, and we can cycle there, and the tickets are affordable and the food isn’t completely dreadful, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be back.

And then we went home and ordered dinner on the internet, and a man on a scooter brought tacos to our door.

So all in all, a pretty good day. Though it would have been better if our team had won. For once.

Song du jour of the day: Suddenly Strange, by Bic Runga.