School and the Sniglet

It’s only fair, since we addressed Ignatz’s academic stuff yesterday. So the Sniglet is going to a Taalschool, a school specifically created to teach Dutch to kids who don’t already speak it because they are all Strangey McForeignpants.

On one hand, as an American, I think (brace yourself for a shockeroo) our way is better: having an ESL class for an hour a day, and otherwise mainstreaming the kids, allows them to get a jump on making friends with the people they’ll be in school with for the next however-many years. Snig’ll be at this school until Christmas, or possibly until July, and then he’ll have to start over again in a new school.

On the other hand, they could approach it like the Germans: speak only German in class, and then get all confused when the foreign kids flunk their exams. And then conclude that foreigners are just not very smart.

So it could be worse. It seems like a nice school, it has a cheerful atmosphere. Snig’s already gotten in trouble for fighting twice, but, um, well, he does that. Never thought I’d say this, but twice in two months is pretty good, for him. And of course his teachers are miles better than the ones he had in Germany (that was just bad luck, I think, because Ignatz’s German teachers were mostly terrific). Yeah, teachers. One of them is somehow ill? So she teaches half the week and then his class has a different teacher on Thursdays and Fridays. They are both very nice, very concerned, very good teachers, but I just don’t think that’s a good arrangement for kids – if it were, they’d do it with every class, not just this one – and it does rather make me think that the Sniglet’s bad luck with school hasn’t changed.

But those two problems aside, it’s a good place, with good people. I think. I just asked the Sniglet what he thinks, and he says he doesn’t like it. When I asked why, he said “Because I don’t like it.” Not very helpful, but probably temporary. He changes his mind a lot.

Song du jour of the day: Somedays, by Regina Spektor.


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