Daily Archives: 6 November 2009

School and Ignatz

Well. He’s been there a little over two months now, how’s it going? We met the class “mentor,” who is the school’s German teacher – I suspect he was put in her class on purpose, how very thoughtful of someone. He seems cheerful enough, does his homework without too much nagging, and doesn’t complain too bitterly about any of his teachers or about having to get up early. His German school used to send letters, through the actual mail, to complain about him, one or two lines about how he was misbehaving and we should talk to him – you know how much I loved those – and we didn’t get any from this new school, so we were sort of cautiously optimistic about it.

Then, in early October, we got this nice long email from the mentor, full of… insights! And questions! Honest questions, like “what do you think about this?”, not like “what the hell is wrong with you people?” (okay, the German teachers never actually said that, but it was frequently implied). She had a few observations about his behavior and progress, wanted to know if some things were basic personality features, a cultural difference, or perhaps anger over the move, and said “I have the impression that Ignatz doesn’t like talking to grown-ups,” which I thought was hilariously apt. I never really thought of it that way before, but it really was bang on target.

Anyway, we answered the questions – no, not a cultural thing, no, if he’s mad about the move he’s hiding it really well, yes, we’ve seen this problem before, and also that one, and here’s what we think causes it. Okey-dokey.

Then, just last night, I was joking with DrBob about how we’ve never gone this long without getting a complaint from the school before and I was starting to worry. And just this morning, there was a brief email from the mentor to say hey, Ig’s doing a lot better, getting along with his classmates, communicating and participating and yay.




Song du jour of the day: Clap Hands, by Tom Waits.