a thing I missed…

… living in the suburbs for eight years, was movies. Yeah, our town didn’t have a movie theater. They could have four grocery stores at the same end of town, but no movie theater, thanks a lot people. So I know it sounds trivial, but I really did want to live somewhere where I could go to the movies without having to spend more time traveling to and from the cinema than I spent in it.

That said, have I been to the movies once since we moved here? Nope. I missed the 6th Harry Potter movie (actually I’m really ambivalent about the movies, but I still think I should see them all). I couldn’t convince the Sniglet to go see Up with me – what can I say, he’s a strange child.

But Where the Wild Things Are. I can’t wait. But I’m trying not to get so excited that the movie will be a letdown. But zomg zomg zomg, that and Jabberwocky are the only things I can recite off the top of my head even half asleep or mostly drunk. Oh, and the preamble to the United States Constitution, thank you Schoolhouse Rock. But I digress.

I totally pink-puffy-sparkly HEART the book. I’m a little bummed that it’s Warner Brothers doing the movie, because now if I recite a line or two of the story to my kids at a bus stop I’ll probably get sued, and actually I hate WB for doing that to most of the things I really like, but of course I have to forgive them because I can’t NOT see this movie.

I wonder when it’ll get here.

Song du jour of the day: you know, I haven’t been very musicky lately. The last time I bought new music was… was… um… I can’t remember that far back. So here’s a blast from my long-ago past: One Was Johnny, by Really Rosie.

Damn, I’m old.


One response to “a thing I missed…

  • amy

    Except for Ratatouille, I haven’t seen a move in the theater since–well, since before kids, anyway. Ambivalent about Where the Wild Things Are. I’ve heard it’s too scary to take young children to, and I wonder, then, what’s the point? Because I was excited to bring my boys. (I like In the Night Kitchen better anyway.)

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