I just thought of something…

How can I commit to blog every day when my internet keeps pooping out? KPN did some service-thingy that was supposed to last from midnight to 6 a.m. a couple Tuesdays ago, and we had no internet (and since they go through the same router, also no phone) until the following Monday. Six DAYS, people! It was a time of great frustration, and maybe it is just as well that I couldn’t blog, because I could have gone into great detail about how much I hate KPN, and I wouldn’t want to bore you. But truly, one Very Happy Thing about leaving Germany was not having to deal with Telekomm again, and frankly? KPN’s enough to make me miss them.

I’ve always wanted to live in Spain too, but actually, now that I think of it, people who’ve done it say “Telefónica” in the tone of voice usually reserved for “Margaret Thatcher.” Food for thought…

Anyway. First day without DrBob, mostly home with a sickish child (the Sniglet woke up with a headache, and since they only had a half-day of school scheduled today, I figured what the hell), and I managed to clean the bathroom. God, sometimes my life is so glamorous I can barely stand it. Did I tell you that DrBob is invited to the Peruvian Embassy? For a reception for Mario Vargas Llosa? I am not invited.

Drat it.

Song du jour of the day: Real Wild Child, by Iggy Pop.


4 responses to “I just thought of something…

  • amy

    Husband is going to the Miami-Pats game in the corporate box next weekend. I realize it’s not on the same line as an embassy, but still. His boss, who knows nothing about football, also gets to go. HE takes pictures of the cheerleaders, for crying out loud. Probably wouldn’t know what the line of scrimmage was if he tripped over it.

    • alala

      Well, of course I’d rather go to a Pats game, but they don’t have those here. There was just one in London, which is not as far from here as it sounds. Maybe I’ll look into that next year…

  • Elemmaciltur

    Awwwww….I’m sure you miss Deutsche Telekom. ;-p

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