this will come as a surprise to some of you…

I am LOVING the weather here! I mean yes, the sky is low and gray and I can see from the trees that it’s windy, and every once in awhile it rains a LOT in like two seconds – SPLAT – and then it’s over, and I realize that this is not what people generally think of when you say the words “nice weather.” But it’s WARM. In Bavaria when it looks like that outside, you know it’s cold – that icky damp misery around 41° (5° Celsius, for you foreign types) where a scarf and mittens are kind of overkill but without them the cold creeps into sleeves and collars. And I really really hate being cold. Today, even with the wind and occasional rain (SPLAT!) it isn’t cold and that just makes me so happy!

Song du jour of the day: Innocent When You Dream, by Tom Waits.


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