Oh, PEOPLE! I don’t even know where to start! This is strange, I’ve gone two or even three weeks without blogging before and didn’t feel like ‘sploding – well, I guess they weren’t such eventful weeks, that must be it. Thing is, we signed up for internet + TV + phone all in one package, so we had nothing but Stargate and Buffy DVDs for two weeks, and now we have unlimited internet (well, there are limits, but they’re beyond anything we’d use) and like 40 skillion channels all at once. (The phone would be less of a distraction even if DrBob hadn’t left it at his office – so yes, we still don’t have a phone.) After the famine, a veritable feast of time-sucking options.

Anyway. There is no way to give a linear account of the move, I’ve tried in a .txt file. Some things that seemed earthshattering at the time are now mere blips on my inconvenience-meter, and will disappear completely very soon. Others, I may never forget. Traveling with a cat is not recommended, for one thing. Also, ALKE is a total superhero! I’ll tell you why tomorrow, unless some adorable new crisis springs up. Believe me, we’ve had more than a few of them this past two (and a half) weeks.

Song du jour of the day: Connected, by Stereo MCs.


One response to “I’m BACK!

  • amy

    I missed you!!

    Our Internet has been awful lately, so we’re switching to the other game in town (there are TWO choices here!) and it’s getting hooked up on Friday and I CAN’T WAIT. I feel so lucky I have enough signal strength at the moment to leave you a comment…

    Welcome back!!

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