back from holiday, not-yay

It was peaceful and vacationy and relaxing, but it didn’t last long enough. The place was really nice, too, I’d recommend it to anyone heading out to the Bayerischer Wald – very quiet, except for the shrieking kids in the pool, but since those were our kids, I’m sure it’d be quiet for you if you went when we were not there.

We were right near the Czech border, so of course we had to hop over – we told the kids about the Iron Curtain and how you couldn’t do that when we were their age, and they were thoroughly unimpressed. Tsh. Kids these days. Anyway, Prague was deemed to be too far (grumple, grouse), and my compromise suggestion of Marienbad was likewise (oh, come on), so we aimed for the first demonstrably Czech town on the map that was not just a collection of Vietnamese market stalls. Domažlice? Something like that. And it was pretty cool, although of course we didn’t get to look around much. I sneaked as many glimpses at the town as I could while we dragged around looking for a place to have lunch that would please everybody. And lunch was tourist-trap Bohemian cuisine, but you won’t hear me complain: I like Bohemian food a lot. Better than Bavarian food, shh don’t tell my husband.

And on the way back we stopped at the collection of Vietnamese market stalls. Hey, cheap stuff is cool.

And that’s pretty much all there is to tell. The rest of it was reading and board games and eating and vacation-stuff (and swimming and trampolining for the kids). And as I said, it was fun, but then we came back to real life and it was as if we’d never left. At some point we’ll need to take a longer holiday. Somehow.

So now, yeah. Not-packing, but trying to prepare for the packers, trying to get the house ready to move out of while still having to live in it. Picking things up and putting them down is what I do most. The cat’s acting weird. The kids are sad. Robert’s freaking out. I would like to give in to sadness or panic too, but I feel like I should maintain an outward appearance of calm, to reassure everyone else. It’s turning out to be a lot harder than it looks. But as someone mentioned several times at the Friday Starbucks Knitting Thing last night, “it has an end-date. At some point it will be over.”

Song du jour of the day: You Can Never Hold Back Spring, by Tom Waits.

4 responses to “back from holiday, not-yay

  • amy

    Ooh, I hate that overwhelmed feeling when you just pick stuff up and put it back down again, with no idea how to start. Yes, at least there’s an end date.

    When I was in Europe in 1995 Prague was the hot city to go to and you actually had to buy tickets in advance for the train from Munich. Since I was flying by the seat of my pants, I never got there–I didn’t enjoy Munich enough to hang out for an extra couple of days. I think I went to Italy next. I spent half my month in Italy, thrilled with the food and relative inexpensiveness of everything, and then I cried nearly the whole train ride back into France, completely done in by the lack of toilet paper in the Italian train station.

    I dunno, there’s a moral there somewhere.

  • Melanie

    Well, at least WE’LL always have Prague. And eggnog milkshakes masking as tiramisu. Sending you love and light and good moving vibes. :)

  • Nate

    You know that saying about how there’s only one way to eat an elephant (one bite at a time)? Well packing’s like that, except that there’s another way THEY don’t want you to know about. Put it in a blender.

  • alala

    Thanks, y’all.

    Nate, I’m not sure I can follow your metaphor all the way to the end…

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