Daily Archives: 15 August 2009

into the wild green yonder

So I did the nagging concerned wifey thing and tried to get Mr Husband to take a vacation this year, he’s running himself ragged, working so hard, getting on my last damn nerve he really deserves a break. So do I. But he kept saying he was too busy. How. Ever. Hah. Somehow he got it into his head that the kids have simply ruined our lovely (it was never lovely) wooden staircase, and before the poor renters (who have their own thundering herd of sons (fyi: a thundering herd of daughters = 10 or so. A thundering herd of sons = 2. )) move in, the stairs have to be sanded and refinished by a professional This Guy We Know. Aaaand TGWK said we can’t use the stairs for three whole days, so ha! We get a vacation! Continue reading