There is a Plan

And really, that in itself is a miracle. Part of the problem in moving two kids and a cat to another country with a moving company paid for by DrBob’s employer, while also spiffing up the current house and renting it out, and moving into a house that is being sold because of a divorce and the sellers don’t even have their next living situation sorted out so they really can’t tell us how soon they can be out so we can move in, plus getting two different kids into two different schools, is this: it involves a LOT of people and a LOT of schedules, so any string you pull is going to pull a lot of other strings. Probably ALL of them. So while the plan is undoubtedly imperfect, we can’t fix the broken bits without breaking other bits more.


August 26th, check Lilu into the cat hotel. Find a place to park the kids so they don’t get underfoot.

August 27th, the movers come and pack everything up. We both need to be here to chase the movers around and shout “NOT THAT!” because we’ve gone through the house with the renters, and agreed on what we can leave behind for their use. So, um, then also August 26th, probably, whacking the little things (like the special light bulbs for the light fixtures, extra hose for the shower, dishwasher-cleaning stuff) in a box and hiding it somewhere.

August 28th, more packing, loading up the truck.

August 29th-30th, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning till we barf.

August 31st, at night, we drive up to Utrecht with two stroppy kids and a drugged cat. SO very much potential for horribleness here. We’re driving at night because we hope the kids will sleep during the trip. Instead they will probably grouse and get carsick, so we’ll ALL be exhausted and owly by the time we get up there and can’t sleep until the movers unpack and set up the beds.

September 1st, on NO sleep, DrBob will scamper off to the notary and sign all the papers and stuff, I will stay at the house and supervise the movers and clean the house with Alke’s help (THANK you for offering to help clean, Alke) – yes, with the movers underfoot. Yes, in Germany you clean when you move out, in the Netherlands you clean when you move in, so we’re getting it coming and going.

Whatever. I don’t care. We have a plan.

Oh, also on September 1st, I hope I can take the kids to visit their schools and find out where to go and what to bring on their first actual day of school, which will be the 2nd: yeah, they still have to start later than the other kids, which is not really good for the whole integration thing. I wish they could start when everybody else does, but there was just no way to make that work.

Song du jour of the day: Ding, by Seeed.

3 responses to “There is a Plan

  • Melanie

    DrBob is NOT going to “scamper” anywhere – I don’t believe you. Otherwise, great plan (other than all the cleaning, poor you).

  • leil

    wow. this plan is alarmingly fast! maybe you could print up some cute “don’t pack me” signs in german and run around the day before sticking it to anything which you don’t want the movers to pack. that might save you some running and screaming. good luck. oh, and I want to see the scampering on the part of Dr Bob as well.

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