Daily Archives: 31 July 2009

There is a Plan

And really, that in itself is a miracle. Part of the problem in moving two kids and a cat to another country with a moving company paid for by DrBob’s employer, while also spiffing up the current house and renting it out, and moving into a house that is being sold because of a divorce and the sellers don’t even have their next living situation sorted out so they really can’t tell us how soon they can be out so we can move in, plus getting two different kids into two different schools, is this: it involves a LOT of people and a LOT of schedules, so any string you pull is going to pull a lot of other strings. Probably ALL of them. So while the plan is undoubtedly imperfect, we can’t fix the broken bits without breaking other bits more. Continue reading

Dear Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, and George Monbiot

I agree with you politically, to a certain extent. But just because you wrote a book? Doesn’t mean I want to read 60,000 words every time you sit down at the typewriter. Please acquaint yourself with the difference between a “column” and a “tome.”