like normal people

We went to a soccer game today! Not the big expensive stadium-thing, just a local team – every town has a team, and Jagenau’s actually been doing really well, they’ve hopped up to the next league every couple years lately. And I always felt we should support them and go to games, but of course we never have time, we’re never all home at the same time, and whatever intentions I have at the beginning of each season, it just never seems to work out.

But DrBob is starting to realize what I realized 15 years ago, when I moved to Germany to marry him – all his friends, family, habitat, culture will be just… just gone from his life, in a little more than a month. So he found the time. And I skipped Pilates. And we made the kids go, despite their general crabbiness about having to do anything other than watch TV and throw water at eachother. And everybody agreed that it was worth it.

I love going to these games. They set up a grill and burn meat and slap it in a dinner roll for you and you buy soda in a plastic cup and wander around munching and sipping and saying hi to everyone you know, and the kids collect money for the junior teams and their tiny siblings play in the sandbox thoughtfully provided, and it’s all such simple summery fun. Every year I resolve to do this more often, and most years we manage it once, or not at all.

Also, we won, 4:1. Woot.

Song du jour of the day: Perfect Day, by Lou Reed &c.

P.S. briefly breaking my regional anonymity to link you to Jagenau’s English Wikipedia page, because it is hilarious.


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