on the road again, and again, and again…

I took Ignatz to the train station Saturday to go to his Dutch lesson and then on to Munich to visit Georg. We saw his 6th-grade Physics and Gym teacher on the platform. Once we were out of earshot, Ig muttered “huh. I thought teachers slept in coffins on weekends.”


DrBob has signed a sort of preliminary agreement to buy the house. It seems that before I can sign the deed, the bank wants me to have a residence permit – my permanent German residence-and-work permit will apparently not suffice. This despite the fact that the bank has calculated my income at 0, and is only basing their numbers on Robert’s income. We sent our mortgage broker back to them to say WTF?

But of course I need a residence permit anyway, so that’s a set of hoops to jump through – some really stupid ones too. Apparently, our marriage certificate is not sufficient proof that we are married, because it’s too old (fifteen years old today, as it happens). We need something from the city where we live, stating that they know we’re married, and that is less than a year old. As a non-EU spouse of an EU citizen, I also need a “copy of your sponsor’s proof of lawful residence,” which, um. He’s a European citizen, so that makes him a lawful resident of wherever he wants to live in Europe. A… copy of his… European citizenship? Like, his passport? Probably not, just as a marriage certificate is not, to the Dutch immigration officials, any kind of certification of married-ness.

So we have an appointment on Tuesday. Not in Utrecht, they couldn’t fit us in until July 31st. No, we’re going to Zwolle. To talk to some lovely immigration desk-jockey whose job it is to make things difficult for foreigners. I always forget what a pain in the ass immigration people (of any country) are. They do the same stupid circular thing everywhere: you can’t move here without a residence permit, but they won’t give you one until you can give them an address in the country to which you can’t move until they give you the damn permit.

We’ll drive up tomorrow late, go to the Tuesday appointment, and DrBob has to clear out his apartment up there because his lease expires at the end of the month. We’ll be back Friday. Another week of Ig on his own with the cat, and the Snig commuting to school from Jagenau. The last one, I hope.

Song du jour of the day: Liebe ist Alles, by Rosenstolz.

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