we bought a(nother) house!

Yeah, that one. The one I emailed you the link to (or will, if I have your email address). The other one that DrBob was going to look at today? Yeah, the owners said no, they don’t want to start showing it until next month. Oooookay… decision made, then! We are buying a house where wisteria grows over the front door! How happy is that!? (I love wisteria.) And the sellers know we have kids and a date with the first day of school (August 23rd for the Sniglet, boy is he going to howl when he finds out), and they’ll try to move out in time if they can. DrBob signs the contract on Thursday, and I suppose I’ll sign it… whenever I find myself in the same room with it.

Next step: call the mortgage broker! And the moving company! And figure out how we’re going to fit all our stuff in 25% less space than we have now. Oog. Well, I’m sure we’ll work it out somehow.

Song du jour of the day: Besonderer Tag, by Culcha Candela.


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