so we drove to Utrecht…

… and it was kind of like a mini-vacation, and actually sort of fun! We stopped in Aachen, which I’ve been wanting to see since I moved to Germany, and ZOMG y’all, you should check out the cathedral even if you are NOT a complete sucker for mosaics like I am, but if you are a complete sucker for mosaics then you will say WOW. Several times.

It’s a nice town, I liked the atmosphere. And I remember that DrBob suggested we might move there instead, so the kids wouldn’t have to learn Dutch, and I know I rejected that idea, but I can’t quite remember why. Except that it was one of an enormous slew of ideas DrBob threw at me (Amsterdam, Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, various suburbs of Utrecht, the border-pampas right on the German side, where there are no towns but houses are really cheap) and I just needed to narrow things down a bit so I could focus. I get paralyzed by too many choices. If I’d known how nice Aachen is, I would have considered it more seriously, but of course I’ve been suggesting we visit it for eight years and he always found a reason to go somewhere else, so really it’s his fault.

But I did have a crisis of confidence/conscience re: is this the right thing for the kids, moving them to another country? Or am I just doing it for myself, because I am so ready to get OUT of this dratted willage that I really want to leave Germany altogether, rather than risk winding up someplace else that is just like this? Argh.

I don’t know. It’s too late to be asking these questions anyway.

Because of the stop in Aachen we got in really late, and then on Tuesday we went to see the house. It’s fine. Quite small, which doesn’t bother me, but of course within five years I’ll be the smallest person in the family, so maybe I’m not the one you should ask. In any case, it has enough rooms, and they are all big enough – a neat trick, in such a small house. We are now in the offer-counteroffer stage. However…

…Makler Matt had another house on the same street, and we looked at the outside, but we couldn’t go in because it’s being handled by a different agent in his office. (The other house, the one we saw, is listed with a different agency altogether, so MM stands to gain more if we buy this one.) It’s a bit bigger, and the garden is better, so DrBob has an appointment to see it on Tuesday. It probably won’t be available when we need it, though, so we’d have to rent for awhile.

Tough choice. We’ll see.

And then on Wednesday we came home. Since then I’ve been working like a… crazy… working… person.

Meanwhile, we did make another tough choice: we’ve chosen a family to rent this house. So there is one little thing crossed off our giant list.

Song du jour of the day: Make your own! This thing is SO. COOL.


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