We’ve had three sets of people come look at the house in the last three days. Egad, we’re going to be landlords. Landlord and landlady? Landpeople? Whatever. The mind boggles. I think DrBob is having an identity crisis, he seems to think he’s crossing over to the Dark Side. I haven’t yet pointed out that he probably already did that when he became a professor. We have met the Establishment, and he is us.

The house is extremely tidy, though. I’m enjoying that a lot, but it’s a struggle to maintain. Recalcitrant children, you know.

The people who came to see the house were all very nice, so I kind of hope only one set of them actually decides to want the house. Then I won’t have to say no to anyone. I hate doing that.

Song du jour of the day: Bayern des samma mia, by Rammstein.

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