the flea marketeers

Well, that was fun! Let’s never do it again!

It wasn’t actually nearly as horrible as I was expecting, probably because I complained so much about how horrible it was going to be that my family felt obligated to participate too. We arrived early enough, found a shady spot (love! Germans! for planting chestnut trees in every open space they happen across – or is that a Bavarian thing?), and sold off all the good stuff in the first half hour – we later figured out that we’d sold it to other flea marketeers who were going to turn around and sell it for way more. Whatever. As long as the stuff isn’t my responsibility any more, I’m happy.

The Sniglet sold quite a lot of stuff, at ridiculously low prices, made a ton of money and spent it immediately on a scratched-up Playstation game and a controller with one stuck button. We hope he learns a bit about “caveat emptor” before his next flea market.

Ignatz the Packrat sold almost nothing: one stuffed animal for 50 cents, to a guy who said he was buying it as a chew toy for his dog. Ouch.

We gave up around 1:00, and the lady at the next space over was all, “You’re going to throw it away!? Here, I’ll see if I can sell it,” and that took care of about half of what we had left. The rest goes to the dump today.

Funny, the house doesn’t look much better…

Song du jour of the day: Love For Sale, by the Talking Heads.

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