down for the count

One child with allergy attacks bad enough to leave school early, but otherwise fine, so he’s just stuck at home, bored.
One (child) behavior problem which I thought was resolved, but which has resurfaced
One sick cat
One extravagantly and suddenly sick child
One absent husband
One grumpy and exhausted alala. Why am I still up? Oh, right: because fatigue makes me stupid.


2 responses to “down for the count

  • Elemmaciltur

    Now, now, don’t you try knitting in this condition. I think it will end up in a catastrophe.

    Go get some nap!

  • amy

    I feel your pain, minus the behavior problem, unless you count being at odds with me as a behavior problem. My healthy kid is bored sick of being under house arrest, my sick kid is super sick, and yesterday one cat puked and the other started to eat it before I could get to it to clean it up. Oh, and my husband is gone too. I have anger issues about that, actually.

    Too bad we live so far apart. I’d take your sick kid if you’d just get my healthy one out of the house for a while. I feel bad for him.

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