happy birthday Lilu! probably! maybe…

We might have missed Lilu’s birthday – that is, when we got her it was mid-June of 2007, and the farm lady said the kittens were about 6 weeks old, so we counted back and assigned her a birthday of May 1st. And then on May 1st of 2009, we totally forgot that it was her second birthday. But it may not have been. Maybe it was today. Who knows? It’s a cat, so who cares? Well, Ignatz does.

Me, I have just now decided that keeping track is not my job, because it’s simply not in my skillset. Example: I have one brother, just one, and I usually mark the occasion of his birthday by waiting five days and then saying to myself, “Oh wait, didn’t something important happen last week…?” I admit it, I suck. The best brother ever does deserve better.

Anyway, happy birthday Lilu, if it is indeed your birthday. Nate, I put yours in my PDA. Maybe this year you’ll get a card in a language you don’t know. Won’t that be nice?

Song du jour of the day: The Balkan Girls, by Elena Gheorghe, for Romania. Historically, getting all regional is not a formula for success, but there are now enough Balkan countries to win it for this song.


2 responses to “happy birthday Lilu! probably! maybe…

  • Nate

    Well, unlike Lilu, we’re advancing quickly into ‘not as keen on birthdays as we used to be, because it means we’re getting old’ territory. Well, at least I am. I’d dig a card in German, because then I could babelfish it a couple of times (like, maybe German->Chinese->Swahili->Czech->English) and find out that you desire brother fond shoelaces of shiny celery wheels or something.

    I’ve been trying to stay up to speed on the ‘single-payer’ healthcare movement, thanks to Jack, and today found this Horsey ‘toon at the P-I. Hope the link works. http://www.seattlepi.com/horsey/viewbydate.asp?id=1943

    happy birthday, Lilu!
    (meow barfen doogen ack!)

  • alala

    Well, it’ll probably be in Dutch this year, but I’ll see what I can do.

    Yep, Germany. Socialist hellhole with really great beer and sunshine and scads of happy Americans. The place is crawling with ’em, and they seem to love it here. Something to ponder…

    I’ll pass your message on to Lilu. I’m sure she’ll say “mcaack,” which means “thank you.” Or possibly “feed me.”

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