heh. the other kid

Today I took Ignatz to his first Dutch lesson in Feldkirchen. We talked to the teacher for awhile – no, I talked. He slumped and mumbled. Then I went away and they had their lesson.

When I came to retrieve him, his teacher said he’d really learned a lot, and that he seems to have a natural talent for languages. After we left I asked him how she could know about his talent for languages when all he ever says is “um,” “I dunno,” and [shrug], and he said, “I only do that when you’re around.”

Hm. I guess I appreciate the honesty.

Song du jour of the day: for Bulgaria, Krassimir Avramov, with Illusion. I don’t actually like this one, but it is a classic example of Eurovision über-weird. Scary interpretive dance on stilts! Chain-mail! A butt-clenching falsetto! What more could you possibly… no, wait. Don’t answer that.


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