preventive worry

Amy said:

Oh, I feel like that too. And it takes so much mind energy when Chris is traveling, because it’s harder to keep him safe the farther away he gets. My sister says this is irrational. I say, “Pshht, who do you think kept you safe when you spent your junior year abroad?”

YES! It never occurred to me to write about this, but it’s totally true – I keep my loved ones alive by the sheer strength of my worry. This is why the commuter marriage is so wearing, and why I hate it when the kids are at camp, because it’s much more work keeping them safe from afar. Just like it’s harder to keep a plane up in the air when you’re not actually on it.

Note that my power-worrying can only keep them from physical danger, not from other kinds of trouble. Big irritating to-do in the works, the Sniglet’s in trouble for fighting at school. I don’t have the heart to go into it right now, but watch this space.

Song du jour of the day: The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance, by Vampire Weekend.

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