It says on my Facebook profile that I have almost a year to move my family to the Netherlands (I did when I wrote it), and I don’t know if all that time is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing.

Well. Yeah. We decided to move to Utrecht, or some suburb thereof, or maybe Amsterdam or a German city near the border. Then the financial meltdown happened in October and we weren’t sure we’d be able to find a house/sell our house/get a loan. We figured we’d see what the situation was after Christmas.

Then after Christmas I wrote to some Utrecht schools about Ignatz, and their response (or lack thereof) sent us into a spiral of doubt about the wisdom of moving Ignatz up there. We set up two interviews, which will happen next month on the 7th and 8th, respectively – if neither school accepts him, we’ll… um… probably not move him up there. Which could mean lots of things; park him with the grandparents or the godfather, stay here another year or two, move up to a German city close to the border – the mind boggles.

If the interviews go well and he’s accepted, then we have to go back to the banks and see if they’ve changed their minds about charging us 6% interest on a house loan because, um, hell-to-the-no. We are among those who made sensible, rational decisions and do not want to pay for the banks’ stupidity in handing out NINJA loans and wtf ever else they did. We may have to wait them out and move in the middle of the next school year, which would all kinds of suck. But not quite as many kinds of suck as being locked in at 6% for 30 years.

So things are still up in the air, but here’s the thing that’s bugging me lately: I had a year to get packed and organized and I’ve done almost nothing. Because first it was too soon to start, and then things were so uncertain. Which is really no excuse, because even if we don’t move, a cleaner and more organized house with less STUFF would be a good thing. I’ve been either sick or out of town since early February, that was probably a factor (yes, I’m sick again. And truly, I would be willing to consider another year in OurTown except for that – I know it’s stress that’s keeping me abed, and I don’t need another year of this). But regardless of the reasons, the fact is that IF the interviews go well and the banks decide to cooperate, my year to get ready has already shrunk to four months.

Song du jour of the day: Lucky Old Sun, by Bob Dylan and Tom Petty.

2 responses to “panic/inertia

  • amy

    When we bought our first house in 2000 we were pretty tickled with the 6-something% interest rate. Oh the times, how they’ve changed.

    Good luck with the interviews.

  • alala

    They sure have. When we told our bank-guy about the 6%, his eyebrows fell off, which I think is a clue that the Dutch banks are being silly. Besides, the ECB just cut its key rate to 1.5% what, two weeks ago? One point five, people. When DrBob talked to the Dutch Bank Guy, he quite frankly admitted that the bank had made some poor choices, and that they were trying to recoup their losses on our backs. I’ll admit, I found the honesty refreshing…

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