it begins

I knew when I had my first boy that I would one day be spending a fortune on shoes. That day? Has arrived. Ignatz has his army boots, and the Sniglet’s been shuffling around in Ig’s handed-down snow-boots, but spring is coming (Hallelujah, blessed be, I live again! But I digress…), and they can’t do that for much longer. So today we popped down to the shoe store.

The Sniglet has gone from a size 34 (U.S. 2) to 36 (4), and Ignatz has gone from 39 (my size, a men’s 7) to 42 (8.5). Since December. Two and three sizes respectively, in three months.


Song du jour of the day: Ummm. Man, I have got to get some new music. Real Wild Child, by Iggy Pop.


3 responses to “it begins

  • amy

    From the time he began walking, Vaughan outgrew his shoes every 2-3 months, and because I am very particular about feet (my feet are not so great), I buy them Stride Rite, not $10 shoes from Target. Every 2-3 months. I was so relieved when Nicholas’s shoes fit for a while longer. I’m due for a trip for new sneakers for them, actually, and before the buy-one-get-one-50% off sale ends, too. (Now where’d I put that flyer??)

  • Melanie

    Whoa indeed.

    Ruby wears an 8 (boat feet), so when Kick took her shopping for shoes he bought 10’s so they’d fit for longer. Crappy $12 Target shoes, too. He’s great in some ways…..

  • alala

    I would totally buy $10 shoes from Target if there were a Target in Germany (sob). We did when we lived in the States, and they were great for kidshoes. Tragically, there is only one shoe store in this town, and the boys very obligingly try on all the cheapo shoes first, but if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. So each shoe-quest runs us oh, €80-100. I do not expect them to be cheaper in Utrecht…

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