I fall behind

120 unread messages in my Gmail inbox, 35 notifications on Facebook, 56 unlistened-to podcasts, and 738 unread items in my Google Reader. And no knitting at all until today. Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly on top of things before I got sick, but still, not a bad accumulation for a week in bed, eh?

Unfortunately, the numbers are all so big, every time I sit down to try and deal with some of them, I get intimidated and wander off. I’d take it as a favor if somebody in the comments would admit to having this problem sometimes too. Most of my people are so danged efficient.

Song du jour of the day: 32 Flavors, by Ani di Franco.


3 responses to “I fall behind

  • Melanie

    On my WORK email I leave messages in my inbox until I ‘deal’ with them. There are some that have now been there so long that I am just hoping that whatever I was supposed to do about it is no longer applicable. I’m only efficient at ‘napping’ you on facebook!!!

  • Catherine

    You’re on FB? Hit me up!

  • anonimust

    Lol, my inbox has reached the 4000 unread messages plateau… though most are Viagra and porn site ads….. the only thing I ever remembering doing online that gave my e-mail out was ordering pizza and playing fantasy football… đŸ˜€ what a wonderful paradox to ponder

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