chop wood, carry water

Um, I’m coughing a bit less today. And… I did some housework, and… talked to my kids some. And the cats are still here, being cats, and we all keep on keeping on, and every day is like the one before, pretty much. I’ll let you know if anything happens here, or if I come up with an opinion about something that happened elsewhere. Or something.

Song du jour of the day: It’s Only a Paper Moon. Couldn’t find Ella Fitzgerald singing it on YouTube, so here’s the Natalie Cole version.

2 responses to “chop wood, carry water

  • Elemmaciltur

    Awwww…if you feel better, then pop around to knit on Friday! (…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Enterprise. :-p)

  • alala

    Yep, knitting this Friday is definitely in the plan. We only have two episodes of Enterprise left, so that should work out. We’d be watching one of them tonight, but A Certain Someone has a math exam tomorrow and decided to leave his studying to the last minute.

    Parenting. Not for wimps.

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