Good Lord, is everybody sick? I’m clicking around the blogosphere and everywhere it’s notes-from-the-couch, too-sick-to-knit, haven’t-been-to-work-for-a-week. Egad, people.

As for me? Guess what? I’m sick! Most thrillingly, ever since I had that pneumonia two (and a half) years ago, every time I catch a cold, the pneumonia symptoms come back. Not as severe as the time that put me in the hospital for a week, but similar, so I can watch nervously as they intensify and wonder if it’s time to go bother the doctor yet or what?

I know, I know, and I did, the first time this happened. I went in and was all, it’s probably nothing, but I had pneumonia last year and this feels like that so I thought I’d check, and my doctor was all, yeah, there’s this virus going around and I’m telling everyone else to go home and rest, but from you I want an x-ray. And there was nothing on the x-ray, so now we know that this is how I get sick these days, and there is nothing to do but wait for it to go away.

And wait, and wait. I hate being sick, and I’ll assume y’all do too. So gute Besserung, everybody! (That’s German, and it basically means “good bettering,” which I like better than “get well soon.”)

Song du jour of the day: Human, by the Killers.

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