blinders on

Ignatz has therapy until mid-March, but today was the last time we the parents went to see her. The session consisted of DrBob and FrTherapist congratulating themselves on how Ignatz seems a little bit less unhappy than he did four years ago. His grades still suck, he’s still chaotic, disorganized, forgetful, and about to throw his future down a rathole, but he seems comfortable with that now, so, you know, yay!

DrBob points out that the therapy didn’t hurt him, which is true. I will concede that four years of therapy didn’t make things any worse, but um. At €80 per session, I kind of expected a bit more. Well, I didn’t expect it to work, really, because I thought it was the wrong approach. But since my ideas were soundly rejected, I rather hoped that his would at least be proven right, that what we did decide to try would have some positive result.

But no. Four years later, no noticeable progress, apparently the new plan is simply to pretend he doesn’t have ADHD. If we wait long enough, that may just turn into the truth, since around half of the kids who have it eventually outgrow it. So when his teachers send home snippy notes I shall stick my fingers in my ears and say “la-la-la I can’t hear you.”

Now that’s great parenting.

Song du jour of the day: On ne sera jamais pareils, by noyau dur

2 responses to “blinders on

  • red

    You can do what parents all over the world do. Send your son to college in the U.S. Community colleges are teeming with kids who couldn’t get in at home, and for whom Harvard wasn’t pounding on the door. I have a hunch it will be better for him in Holland.

  • alala

    Yep, I’ve already talked to him about community college.

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