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second chances

The Sniglet says they’re going ice skating again today! At least this time I know what to bring (though once again I have nothing in writing – the Sniglet’s fault, a week after the last time it happened and I lectured him extensively? Or the teacher’s, this time? (I wouldn’t put it past her, this teacher is… careful not to overexert herself)). I’ve asked the Sniglet a million times, are you sure? Again, so soon? Are you sure this is the right day? He seems sure. I ask where’s the piece of paper, he says there wasn’t one this time. And in the absence of something written, I have to trust him, even though he’s been unreliable in the past.

Maybe he told the whole truth this time. Maybe this time I won’t look like That Mom, you know, the one you can’t help judging.

And something to be happy about: the Song du jour of the day, courtesy of Red: Moving In, by the Presidents of the United States of America.


the bailout game

This is fun, if you have a few minutes… I only played once, sank the country into a deep recession, and put Paulson and Bernanke on trial for conspiring to spread communism. Not really my intention, and I’m not sure if it always ends that way or what.

what the Dutch banks say

We’re sorry, no one is available to take your call right now. But if you leave your name and telephone number at the tone, a customer service representative will get back to you. Beeeeeeep.

We think they’re hiding under their desks. I imagine they’re expecting an angry mob with torches and pitchforks, rather than a literature professor seeking a loan. DrBob did manage to get an appointment with one bank next Tuesday – one of the ones that may have gotten caught up in the Madoff scandal, possibly not a good sign. But at least they answered their phone; the rest are nowhere to be found. Why, one would almost think they don’t want to do their job! (That is an inside joke for Americans and Canadians living in Germany and the Netherlands, because the latter two have a lot of people who seem to think they get a paycheck just to go someplace and be surly all day.)

Anyway. One Dutch bank guy has agreed to talk to us. If DrBob can coax him out from under his desk, I’ll let you know what he has to say next Tuesday.

Song du jour of the day: Aan de Kust, by Bløf

well that could’ve gone better…

I suppose it could’ve gone worse, but still, it was pretty sucky. I met the Sniglet’s class at the ice rink, along with about 600 other moms (not bad for a class of 30 kids) (okay, it was more like 12, but German suburban housewives – my peer group, basically – freak me the fuck out because they are so seethingly competent and make me feel like a schmoe at all times), and I didn’t think to bring a helmet or gloves, so he wasn’t allowed to skate. The Things To Bring list was written on a piece of paper, but I never did see that – when I asked for something written, the Sniglet said he’d lost it.

I stayed at the ice rink with him and we played word games until everyone was done. That seemed to make him feel a bit better. But all in all, it was pretty embarrassing for both of us, and really, I’d hoped to get out of here without any more of these stupid incidents.

Caught up

Whew. Well, the manuscript ate my weekend, so today was all about the freelance Munich job – stuff I usually do over the weekend but not this time. That’s done. As is the grocery shopping (Italian Week at Aldi! Woooot!), recycling and gas. Tomorrow the Sniglet’s class is going ice skating, and in a moment of insanity I said I’d come along and help (he asked, I didn’t just volunteer out of the blue – I’m not completely bonkers. Yet), so tomorrow I have to go down and tie (and then later untie) thirty little pairs of ice skates, but other than that, my time is my own! To clean and cook and try to get some exercise and drive someone to soccer practice and run errands downtown and oh God the laundry, but you know. Freedom!


Song du jour of the day: Cradle and All, by Ani DiFranco

an excuse to stay indoors

So DrBob pitched books to TWO publishers (different books – you can’t pitch the same book to two publishers at the same time, they totally hate that) and BOTH said sure, we’d like to take a look. They haven’t committed to publishing them (yet – fingers crossed!) but this is a foot in the door, yay! So I’ll be facedown in text all weekend, and then we’ll get to have a spirited discussion of some of my proposed amendments. Always fun.

This’ll be me:
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Song du jour of the day: Ch-ch-changes, by David Bowie


I know this is nothing to many of you (Hi Minnesota!), but we are not used to this kind of cold here in Europe. Not anymore, anyway. -12°C on Friday, that’s about 10°F, and I, delicate Pacific flower that I am, am wondering which office to complain to. Do bear in mind that since we’re not used to it, we don’t have the proper gear. If we lived in Minnesota, we would. Continue reading