the promised details

Yeah, sorry, I promised I’d tell you more about what the bank guy said once he saw that DrBob had a steady job and a decent income, instead of a torch and a pitchfork. I got derailed by a 3-day headache, bleah.

Upshot = yes, they are willing to lend us money, enough to buy a big-enough house in a close-enough neighborhood, and that without a down payment, and without even looking at my earning potential. So that’s good.

However, they want 6% interest, and we feel sure that the rate will go down. In fact, we think it might get as low as 4%, and we don’t want to be locked in at 6% for 30 years when a bit of waiting would’ve gotten us a lower rate – 2% of half a million is still a lot to throw away.

Moreover, we’re still watching, and prices are going down, way down. We’re seeing people knock €25,000 or more off their asking price, so that’s another reason why waiting would be prudent.

This doesn’t necesarily mean waiting a whole year, though. You may remember when that colleague of DrBob’s drove us around Utrecht pointing out possible neighborhoods – that was back in October and he seemed surprised that we were allowing 9-10 months for the process. He said it usually happens in 5-6 weeks. Of course, since it’s such a big step and we’re moving a family and I have to travel up there to look at houses, it makes sense that we’re getting an early start, but apparently these things come together pretty quickly once you make a start. So if prices and interest rates fall enough (whatever “enough” means) by mid-summer, it could still happen this year. Doesn’t sound likely, but it is still possible.

Oh, and also, the kind of school Ignatz goes to now, and should also go to in Utrecht, is called a Gymnasium, and there are only three in Utrecht, so we also have to find out if he could start this fall or if there’s a waiting list or what. So we have more information now, but not enough to make a decision yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Song du jour of the day: Wild Wild Life, by the Talking Heads.

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