comment interlude

Red said:

The gloves, good. Aretha’s hat, sooooo good.

Ooo, yeah, that HAT! Fabulous. She should give lessons to the queen.


Weren’t you just wondering if someone was going to push Cheney’s wheelchair down the stairs? It did cross my mind. My bad. Red

Actually, I was thinking Cheney had himself rolled out in a wheelchair because he thought he might make less of a target for any snipers in the vicinity. I bet there was nothing wrong with his back at all.
Obama pictures and McCain pictures

5 responses to “comment interlude

  • amy

    And the kids! They were so pretty. And so well behaved. I want to know the secret to that. (I think it might start with, “Have girl children.”)

  • alala

    I think so too. I hear rumors from girl-moms about kids who clamor for more homework before skipping off to braid eachother’s hair, and I think, same species? Probably not. I wouldn’t invite my kids to my inauguration unless they’d been drugged.

  • amy

    Ha. No. Me neither. It’s a good thing I’m not likely to be President anytime soon…

  • Melanie

    My girl-child actually asks to go to bed sometimes (and then does). She woke up 10 times a night for the first 20 months, though.

  • red

    Rosie said the reasonCheney was in a wheelchair was he got his foot stuck in the shredder.

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