second chances

The Sniglet says they’re going ice skating again today! At least this time I know what to bring (though once again I have nothing in writing – the Sniglet’s fault, a week after the last time it happened and I lectured him extensively? Or the teacher’s, this time? (I wouldn’t put it past her, this teacher is… careful not to overexert herself)). I’ve asked the Sniglet a million times, are you sure? Again, so soon? Are you sure this is the right day? He seems sure. I ask where’s the piece of paper, he says there wasn’t one this time. And in the absence of something written, I have to trust him, even though he’s been unreliable in the past.

Maybe he told the whole truth this time. Maybe this time I won’t look like That Mom, you know, the one you can’t help judging.

And something to be happy about: the Song du jour of the day, courtesy of Red: Moving In, by the Presidents of the United States of America.


4 responses to “second chances

  • amarkonmywall

    Good morning! Happy Inauguration Day, Alala! I played your Bailout and threw the country into depression. đŸ™‚ But I have hope!

  • amy

    Hey, good luck with the skating! There is no other job besides Parent that can make a person feel so bad so much of the time, is there?

    I’m going to go turn on my TV soon and make my kids watch.

  • Melanie

    You know, I went to someone’s really messy house the other day and thought: how cool that she doesn’t sweat the small stuff, she probably focusses on her kids and not going crazy. And then I realized that when people see my messy house, I assume they are thinking: what a pig! But maybe they think I’m chilled out and laid back with healthy priorities, I am trying to think so (easier than actually cleaning my house).
    Happy Inauguration, American Girl.

  • alala

    Well, I’m willing to bet that the someone whose house you went to wasn’t German.

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